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Domestic consumption of progress outdoor sporting goods industry 12%, growth of larger space


After several years of rapid development , outdoor supplies steady and rapid growth of the industry gradually into the development stage . The sporting goods industry has experienced after Waterloo , local brands to enhance the soft power increasingly take on some more market leading brands have begun to upgrade their internal strength . According to statistics , as of September this year , China's domestic outdoor supplies outdoor sporting goods industry sector consumption accounts for only 12% , Europe 18% of outdoor products market , there is a big future is still room for growth , local brands currently in the two three -line market dominance .

Based on differences in market positioning and product design and development limitations, local brand names in high product cost advantage as a market development point . Therefore, the local brand positioning more in line with second and third tier markets , is now in the market has a certain scale advantages . Part of the brand began to select the second and third tier cities in one , two district, for sound and effective expansion , particularly in the Northeast region .

Not only is the production company , outdoor channels begin to focus on second and third tier markets . For example, Figure purposes , since the second half of 2012 began to expand significantly faster, although the first-tier cities to open a Direct travel living museum, and the establishment of distribution centers , etc., but this year the new shop situation analysis , mainly concentrated in Jiangsu, Fujian , Liaoning, Jilin and other second and third tier markets .

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