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Tokyo successful bid Sporting Goods Contest curtain


Years a concept, an idea of years, the eternal concept of time in the sporting goods industry seems inconceivable.

At least, the Olympics every four years , not just athletes who ignited higher, faster , stronger spirit of sport , but also to the sporting goods industry saw the pace of progress and innovation power.

In the current global economic slowdown , Quanzhou sporting goods industry was busy clearing of inventory, integrate resources , enhance the brand . Neighboring Japan Tokyo this month 's successful bid - as the 2020 Summer Olympics held in place - so hard at fighting sports brands have realized that 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has been approaching, a new round of competition in the big screen sporting goods brands turned on.

It revolves around the quadrennial Olympic Games , the sporting goods industry virtually doing spiraling movement. The last two months , sporting goods brands have new orders will be held in the spring and summer next year , Anta, Li Ning , special steps such as brand invariably means that stocks have been controlled to the normal range . Olympic chairman Jingnan is not watching and waiting , and he led the Olympic brand has opened an international journey.

Of course, the sporting goods industry Olympic cycle starts walking fast and exciting. Predictably , the next three years in full swing in the market competition , the global sports brand makers began in product innovation, marketing innovation and brand promotion set off a new war game .

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